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Free shipping on all orders
Free shipping on all orders

Service of products

We help you service your products

Do you need to send one of your products for service?

Before you send anything to us, email us at:
Write a brief description of the error together with the purchase receipt or order number.

If you are asked to send your item to us, please follow the steps below:

  1. The defective product must be well packaged
  2. The package must contain a copy of your purchase receipt
  3. You must also fill in the return slip, which you can download here . Remember to fill it in as completely as possible for faster handling of your service
  4. All accessories that may be needed must be included, e.g. remote control
  5. The address label must not be placed directly on the original packaging

If you have claimed a warranty fault and the workshop cannot confirm the warranty (e.g. in case of incorrect connection), shipping costs and examination costs from the service workshop will be charged. We therefore recommend you to check settings and connections an extra time, because unfortunately, products often come in without errors.

After an approved return, the goods must be sent to: c/o
AAMP Nordic AB
Brodalsvägen 1B
433 38 Partille